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ECFS is a medical billing company that serves Oklahoma City, Edmond and El Reno. We are committed to building a solution that works for your practice and your patients. Our medical billing service can help your practice improve its efficiency and help you and your staff concentrate on what matters most, patient care.

New to EHR

Because there are many options in the market choosing the right Electronic Health Record can be daunting and time consuming. The question most practices ask is “How do I wade through the excessive information and find an EHR that will work for my office?” In fact, most certified EHR’s offer essentially the same bells and whistles but what makes an EHR exceptional is its functionality in the real world setting of your medical practice.

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Replacement EHR

Looking to replace your current Electronic Health Record but don’t know where to start? The task may be easier than you think. And, the cost may be lower than you think. Knowing what didn’t go right the first time plays a pivotal role in not repeating the same mistakes. Replacement EHRs are making up about 20% of the market place so many practices are refining what didn’t work the first time and making successful transitions to replacement EHRs. Here’s how.

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    Client Testimonials

    "We've been through several billing companies in the past two years. ECFS worked to get our billing back on track. We had not received a Medicare payment for over six months... we got one within two weeks of ECFS submitting our claims. I've never worked with a more efficient and accommodating billing company." – C. Edmondson, LCSW

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