Ever Wonder Where The Revenue Goes?

We come across so many medical providers that have trouble making the ends meet. Payroll, rent, equipment…it all adds up. The first question is ‘Do you really know where your money is going’? Most providers do. The next question is ‘Do you know where your money is coming from’? Most providers don’t. The problem is rarely where it goes. The problem is how do we get more coming in.
What most financially struggling medical offices overlook is the importance of copayments and patient balance payments in their financial picture. Copays can make up to 35% of some practices income. If practices aren’t collecting 10% of copays real financial problems can occur. Medical practices must commit to a patient payment strategy to collect copays and patient balances. Revenue Cycle Management is key to establishing good patient payment habits and taking a practice to the next level financially.
Since most providers would rather focus on quality care than the financial side, establishing easy guidelines for office staff to follow is essential. ECFS focuses on allowing providers to practice medicine while our team of qualified professionals focuses on back office procedures and front office training. Having front office staff that understands revenue cycle management allows for greater patient satisfaction. Our partnership with Easy Pay allows us to create custom workflows within each practice and tailor patient collection programs to meet their individual needs. Contact Us today to find out how.

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