Ever Wonder Where The Revenue Goes?

We come across so many medical providers that have trouble making the ends meet. Payroll, rent, equipment…it all adds up. The first question is ‘Do you really know where your money is going’? Most providers do. The next question is ‘Do you know where your money is coming from’? Most providers don’t. The problem is rarely where it goes. The problem is how do we get more coming in.What most financially struggling medical offices overlook is the importance of copayments and patient balance payments in their financial picture. Copays can make up to 35% of some practices income. If practices aren’t collecting 10% of copays real financial problems can occur. Medical practices must commit to a patient ...

Is Your EHR Safe?

In a world where an ever increasing amount of patient information is becoming digital, it is important to ensure the information contained within your EHR and the network it operates on is secure. No one wants to be the source of the next data breach or to lose an entire patient database. So how does one determine if the information they are responsible for is safe?A great way to start is by answering the five following questions.1. Are data and application configurations backed up and are hardware systems redundant?2. Is the EHR hosted safely in a physically and electronically secure manner?3. Are clinical applications and system interfaces tested individually and as-installed before go-live and are they closely monitored after go-live?...

The Power Of Simplicity

Technology has taken over our lives. One place that it dominates is the medical office. Gone are the days of paper charts hanging in a file by the door waiting for the doctor. Now clinical life is filled with this program and that program, electronically checking a patient in, electronically rooming them and electronically checking them out. Electronic RX, billing and explanation of benefits…the list could go on and on. If your front office isn’t talking to your clinical providers and neither are talking to your billing staff everyone is probably at a stress level 10 on a scale from 1 to 5. Below is how a simple system that is interoperable can increase function and productivity in your clinic.First, what does interoperable ...

How to Improve Accounts Receivables in Five Easy Steps

How to Improve Accounts Receivables in Five Easy StepsWhat does revenue cycle management mean? Ultimately it is the time it takes to get a claim to zero. The magic number! They number that means you have been paid in full.For a practice it means taking the necessary steps to make sure you get paid in a timely fashion. The cycle starts when the patient calls the office and ends when the balance is zero. In this post we take on five easy ways to improve your accounts receivable by making simple, accountable changes in your practice.1.) Calculate Your Days in ARMany practices don’t know how many days it takes to get paid from the insurance company. Without knowing this figure it is hard for a practice to gauge if they are being paid i...

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