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Because there are many options in the market choosing the right Electronic Health Record can be daunting and time consuming. The question most practices ask is “How do I wade through the excessive information and find an EHR that will work for my office?” In fact, most certified EHR’s offer essentially the same bells and whistles but what makes an EHR exceptional is its functionality in the real world setting of your medical practice.

Here are some key things to think about when purchasing an EHR.

  • Define your needs. Know what systems work well in your current workflow and know which ones you would like to improve. This will allow you to truly understand an EHR’s compatibility to your specific practice.

  • Are you going to be able to customize the system to meet your workflow? If it is too template heavy, customization to fit your needs may not be possible.

  • Do you have the opportunity to test the software in your practice before purchasing?

  • Will it interface with systems your practice currently use?

  • Does the vendor have a track record of providing EHR systems? This is critical as there are currently so many vendors in the market. Buying from a reputable vendor ensures you will have ongoing training and support.

  • Are all the costs understood and documented? There are many ways to price EHR systems so make sure you are reading all the fine print.

  • Will you receive upgrades, customer service and training?

  • Where does your data reside?

These are a few things you should ask yourself when considering the purchase of an EHR. For more information please contact us.

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