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    Ancillary Services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Powerful Tools for Patient Engagement

    Ancillary Services can add value to your patients and your practice. There are several different types of services. But, the right mix can provide your patients with powerful health information and your practice with extra income. ECFS can help implement what's right for your practice.

  • Solutions

    Autonomic Nervous System Testing in Oklahoma

    Autonomic Nervous System Testing

    ANS testing requires only minutes to set up and operate. We provide a service model at no cost or obligation to the office. The equipment measures galvanic skin response and Heart Rate Variability through a simple, quick and non-invasive test. Benefits for your patients last a lifetime. And, with insurance billing codes that work with major private insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, you can be sure that this solution will benefit your practice as well.

    Loaboratory Solutions in Oklahoma

    Laboratory Solutions

    We offer physicians a complete range of testing that can be ordered either as a part of a standard test panel or a single test. Physicians will be given the ability to offer comprehensive testing and reporting for each patient. We offer in network laboratories that work with patients and laboratories to offer results in as little as 24 hours.

    Pharmacy Solutions in Oklahoma

    Specialty Pharmacy

    Our Specialty Pharmacy offers home delivery to any patient that wishes to participate. The program promotes increased patient education, consistent patient management, prevention and detection of adverse drug events and increased adherence to medication therapy.

    Chronic Care Management in Oklahoma

    Chronic Care Management

    Chronic Care Management or CCM allows Medicare beneficiaries to receive 20 additional minutes of non face to face time with a clinician each month. CCM can help providers increase medication adherence, identify issues that arise between appointments and provide better quality care to meet MIPS.

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