• Credit Card Processing in Oklahoma

    Credit Card Processing

    Our EasyPay credit card program is a full featured credit card terminal replacement that saves time, space and money. Utilize card on file to increase revenue while better servicing your patients.

    • Process payments easily on your desktop on in your web browser.
    • Add 24/7 customer convenience with on-line payment portals custom fit for your practice.
    • Keep data locked down with PCI Level 1 security compliance.
    Accounts Receivable Reduction in Oklahoma

    Accounts Receivable Reduction

    Accounts receivable reduction allows you to use the EasyPay credit card program to eliminate your patient accounts receivable.

    • Eliminate the high costs of collections and billing by putting credit cards on file for future payments.
    • Reduce stress and collect existing past dues with one call by using automated recurring payments.


    Statement Processing in Oklahoma

    Statement Processing

    Processing patient statements can be a timely and expensive task for your office. Did you know on average a patient statement costs an office $1.25 to send? Patient communication and web-enabled solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your existing technology for efficient production and mailing of patient-friendly billing and follow up. Or, convert your patients to paperless billing with e billing. It's faster and more cost effective.

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