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    Not Paperwork

    Credentialing is getting more complex. Each year providers miss out on tens of thousands of dollars because of wrong credentialing, re-validation and other contract issues. We help new providers to experienced office managers who want to outsource or have better systems expedite and manage the credentialing process.

  • How It Works


    Choose Your Package

    Whether your a new provider that needs to credential with every payer or just need one payer credentialed, we offer a plan to meet your needs. We also offer managed credentialing, freeing your office from the burden of ongoing CAQH attestations, etc.


    Completing Paperwork

    ECFS will assist in filling out paperwork and other administrative tasks associated with credentialing. Filling out paperwork can be time consuming. ECFS employees systems that drastically cuts down on paperwork.


    The Process

    Once the paperwork is completed we will begin the task of credentialing the provider with each chosen payer. Applications are followed up with weekly to insure timely processing.


    Maintenance & Service

    Each credentialing package comes with a workflow detailing how to manage credentialing day to day, month to month and year to year. If chosen, ECFS will maintain logons, re-validations, etc.

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